About Us

About Us

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Are you frustrated by the amount of money you are wasting on marketing that doesn’t work?

Do you want to work with a company that has found the answer and can get the results you need?

Our clients are getting great results using video marketing.

Contact us today for a free consult and discover how you too can be winning new customers with video.

We work with clients all over Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and beyond.

Dave Meikle started ECKOmedia in 2009. We are a video production and video marketing company specializing in video production for social media and online video content marketing strategies.

In Simple terms…

We Help You Get More Customers & Clients With Video

Here are some stats from December 2012:

  • 11 million Australians streamed online videos
  • Spending on average, 5 hours and 53 minutes watching online video content.
  • Today these stats have increased exponentially.
  • Do you have video on your company website yet? If not you may be missing out on a lot of new clients.

To compete in our ever increasing online community, business must include online video in their marketing strategy.

Dave Meikle – Owner of ECKOmedia

Watch Our Demo Reel:

ECKOmedia are specialists in online video production capable of producing the high quality video production for clients world wide. We can help you take full advantage of advanced video marketing strategies including:

  • Content Marketing Videos
  • Online Sales Videos
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Corporate Profile Videos
  • Event Promotions
  • Plus pretty much anything else related to Video Production

We LOVE digital marketing and believe that using cutting edge online strategies to promote your products and services is the most powerful and effective way to deliver a message in an age where attention spans are getting shorter and multimedia is continually around us. We have the creative power and the skills to bring your message, product, idea or your brand to life on screen (big, small or mobile) in the most effective way possible.

Our goal at ECKOmedia is to give your business a cutting edge advantage over your competitors by offering professional video production and unparalleled service. ECKOmedia will work with you until you achieve the outcome you desire.

INVEST your online marketing budget wisely and let us help your business take FULL advantage of Online Video.

For a free consultation to discuss how video might work for you, contact Dave today on 0401 273 600.



I’m interstate or international, Can you still help me with my project?


Yes. With the internet and skype, the only reason we might not be able to help you is if we actually need to film you ourselves and we don’t have a contact able to do the filming in your area. Generally most of the work we do is generated on our computers or sent to us as files and we normally distributed via the internet, DVD or Blu-ray. We regularly work with many interstate and international clients.


Can you film me in front of a green screen and add a background?


Yes. We can film you in front of a green screen and replace the background with anything you want. This option may not always be available interstate however if you have someone else film you and send us the video footage, we can then work our magic and replace the background for you just like they do in the movies.


I have a project which is a little different and I’m not sure you will be able to help me out.


Even if you are not sure if we can handle your project, email dave@eckomedia.com.au and we will let you know if we can help or not.